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Название: The formation of institutional environment of agricultural land consolidation in Ukraine
Авторы: Попов, Андрій Сергійович
Ключевые слова: institutional environment
land consolidation
Дата публикации: 2015
Издатель: Baltic Journal of Economic Studies
Библиографическое описание: Baltic Journal of Economic Studies. – Vol. 1, 2015, No. 2. – Р. 128-134
Серия/номер: ;Vol. 1, No. 2
Аннотация: Every theory requires an application tool. Land consolidation is the multidisciplinary tool for sustainable rural development with its dynamic structure that gives possibilities getting the best solutions for land management decision. That is why the main purpose of the article is a theoretical study and development of scientific and practical recommendations concerning the formation of institutional environment of agricultural land consolidation in Ukraine. The subject of study is the formation of agricultural land consolidation. Methodology. The study used the following methods: dialectical, logical and abstract, system analysis (theoretical and methodological generalizations, defining the essence of the content of institutional environment of agricultural land consolidation). This paper identifies the role of the institutions in economic development and characterised the regulatory, procedural, distributive, informational, development and accumulation functions of agricultural land consolidation institution. As a novelty items offered and provided the detailed description of the main components of the institutional environment of agricultural land consolidation such as: traditional and mental, legal, causal, organizational and structural, and procedural. The essence of institutions of each of these components and their meaning and relationships are presented. Theoretically investigated that the formation of institutional mechanism of consolidation should be a symbiosis of both traditional and market institutions based on democratic principles under community participation. The article focuses on the feasibility of the formation of mechanism for monitoring the effectiveness of institutions. As the result of the study the author proposed to consider the institutional environment of agricultural land consolidation as a regulatory system harmonizing relations of the agricultural production, social and natural resources, designed to optimize the production, based on the actual requirements and restrictions of the existing institutes and institutions to guarantee a rational use of land resources. Practical implications. Analysis of current situation in Ukraine suggests that the urgent task is particularly not only to create, design and import of the land consolidation institutions but also to provide the diagnostic of their maturity and suitability for the current level of the land consolidation relations. This conclusion is supported with the lack of a specific state policy on development of land consolidation and distrust in government initiates. The author also provides a list of necessary actions required for the development of the agricultural land consolidation in Ukraine.
Описание: Стаття опублікована в Baltic Journal of Economic Studies. (2015, Vol. 1, No. 2).
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/521
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